About this project

We live in a society in constant search of regeneration and transformation. Aware of the importance of uniting efforts to achieve a real process of change, the "Truck Knowing the SDGs" was born, an initiative that arose as a result of the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The central purpose of the Truck is clear: to broaden the debate and access to the SDG targets throughout Brazil, uniting efforts in favor of recovery and resilience. Faced with the need to disseminate knowledge about these goals, the project sets out to travel around the country, taking with it a practical and didactic methodology. The project is famous for mobilizing the communities it passes through, through a series of activities inside and outside the Truck aimed at children and adults, in schools, streets and/or squares and auditoriums, bringing the SDGs as the main agenda, involving the most diverse spheres of society with content, activities and experiences.

Understanding the importance of reaching municipalities, institutions, companies and organizations, the Knowing the SDGs Truck was designed to provide knowledge and tools that enable participants to actively contribute to achieving the specific goals of each SDG. This initiative aims not only to inform, but also to engage communities in a meaningful dialog about sustainability, promoting concrete actions towards a more resilient and equitable future. The Truck thus represents a vehicle for transformation and learning, guiding the country towards sustainable and inclusive development.

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