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Knowing the SDGs is the global initiative of NTICS that is transforming the Brazilian scenario with the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the inspiring mission of "leaving no one behind", Knowing the SDGs is an initiative whose main objective is to disseminate the Sustainable Development Goals through five distinct projects.
With digital, in-person, and itinerant actions, the work of the NTICS has established itself as a catalyzing beacon of change. With a special focus on education, our purpose is to encourage each individual to do their part in everyday life, contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.

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Good news: the projects of the Knowing the SDGs initiative, by NTICS Projetos, have already been approved by the law of culture incentive (art. 18) and are ready for your brand or company to make reality and take them all over Brazil. Leave it with us.

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These projects are part of the Knowing the SDGs initiative. Your company can be an effective part in building a better and more sustainable world.

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Turning students into agents of sustainable action in their community.

The Cultural Education Program (PEC) is a project that aims to encourage elementary and junior high school students to become multipliers of sustainable practices in their communities. 

Through lectures, dynamics and electronic games, participants learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to adapt them to the local context. With PEC #EuFaçoParte, students become protagonists of change, taking a transformative message to their families and communities.


  • Opening event;
  • Training workshops for teachers and educators;
  • Workshops on environmental education;
  • Ideas fair with prizes;
  • Visit to the conservation unit and photo exhibition;

Getting to know the SDGs | Primary and Secondary School Students | Semester or Annual

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Sustainability as a pillar of quality education

The Getting to Know the SDGs in Schools project spreads awareness about sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in schools across the country. Through visits to educational institutions, the program involves both teachers and students in artistic activities and practical experiences that address themes related to the SDGs.

Through introductory talks, workshops on reframing recyclable objects, interactive fishing and other activities, participants are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. In addition, teachers receive specific training on the SDGs and methodologies to be multipliers of this knowledge in the classroom.

Transforming students and teachers into multipliers of sustainability inside and outside schools.


  • Introductory lectures for students;
  • Workshops to give new meaning to recyclable objects;
  • Activities on the SDGs;
  • Practical experiences through gamification;
  • Training workshops for teachers and educators;
  • A play on the theme of the SDGs;
  • Certification for students;

Getting to know the SDGs | Public school students and teachers 

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Watch the video


Giving a voice to key global leaders to impact the public through knowledge and sustainability cases

The festival brings together influencers, thinkers, educators and leaders from all over Latin America, in both digital and physical environments, with a clear objective: to actively collaborate in building a more sustainable and resilient world.

The power of entertainment drives the project with a focus on implementing the 2030 Agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the foundations that connect cultures, stimulating the exchange of ideas and inspiring the creation of concrete actions to tackle global challenges.


  • Networking area 
  • Program of talks with influencers, thinkers and educators
  • Knowing the SDGs Truck
  • Screenings of films and documentaries on the subject
  • Workshops developed by partners on SDG themes
  • Guided tours for public school students
  • Hackathon with ideation, prototyping, mentoring
  • Library with access to supplementary materials

Getting to know the SDGs | Students, public school teachers and companies

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Building knowledge about sustainability that transforms the reality of society as a whole.

The truck travels all over the country, bringing virtual reality experiences, interactive exhibitions, lectures and cultural workshops to public school students. In addition, the activities put the application of the SDGs into practice, focusing on the discussion of local problems and engaging the whole community.

The aim is to build a more sustainable future for everyone by empowering society. Already recognized as the largest itinerant project in Brazil, we have seen its success and impact in different communities.

Building knowledge about sustainability that transforms the reality of society as a whole. 


  • Virtual reality experiences;
  • Cultural workshops in public schools;
  • Interactive exhibitions;
  • Tents, stage and talks with local agents;
  • Practical activities applying the SDGs.

Getting to know the SDGs | Students, teachers and the general public

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Watch the video


Turning theory into action, planting gardens, promoting recycling and boosting social entrepreneurship.

The SDG Action Truck project follows on from the Knowing the SDGs Truck. It applies the theoretical concepts of the Sustainable Development Goals through concrete and practical actions. With interactive workshops, lectures and group activities, we encourage participants to identify local problems and find sustainable solutions to positively impact their communities.

It is an itinerant project that verifies the application of all the knowledge acquired in the Knowing the SDGs Truck. By creating community gardens, encouraging recycling and supporting social entrepreneurship, we inspire participants to adopt sustainability as an integral part of their daily lives, thus strengthening the positive impact of actions towards a more sustainable future.


  • Strategic partnerships with secretariats and public bodies;
  • Tents to encourage the adoption of practices in line with the SDGs;
  • SDG Stage with themed activities;
  • Talks to deepen understanding of the SDGs.

Getting to know the SDGs | Students, teachers and the general public

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Your company can be part of the biggest initiative on behalf of the leading sustainability agenda.

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Benefits for those who support the Knowing the SDGs initiative

Besides associating your company or brand to a project already approved and with proven success with the authorities and society, the sponsor also counts on:

  • Exposure of the logo
  • Involvement of volunteers in the project
  • Final report with measurement of ESG indicators
  • Final video with testimonials to be broadcast on social networks
  • Possibility of spontaneous media generation
  • Possibility of application throughout the national territory


What project are we going to realize together?

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