About this project

The Meus Hábitos Saudáveis (My Healthy Habits) Project was created with the mission of promoting awareness and the incorporation of healthy practices from an early age. Aimed at students and parents in public schools, the project seeks to disseminate the importance of caring for physical and mental health from the earliest years of life. The inclusive approach integrates students, parents, teachers, education departments, health professionals, nutritionists and physical educators, transforming learning about healthy habits into an unforgettable experience for children.

Throughout the project, extensive knowledge about healthy habits was introduced to the schools through a circuit of activities and an interactive truck. These initiatives covered essential topics such as balanced nutrition, physical activity, personal and mental hygiene, and sleep quality. A sustainable cooking workshop complemented the activities, teaching parents, lunch ladies and teachers how to create recipes that are not only healthy, but also sustainable, with the aim of generating income for families. The interactive and educational experience provided by the project aims to create a solid foundation for children to become multipliers of this knowledge, enabling them to make conscious choices for a healthier life. In addition, the project has strengthened partnerships between educational institutions, contributing to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle in the community.

O.D.S worked on in this Project