About this project

The Cultural Education Program plays a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices in education. Through face-to-face workshops, the program trains both students and teachers, encouraging them to think about their impact on the environment and adapt their habits towards a fairer and more sustainable society. The careful development of PEC's activities is based on an efficient methodology, with the guidance of a specialized educator. This professional approach ensures that the workshops not only offer a complete and educational experience, but also promote an in-depth understanding of issues related to the environment and sustainability.

The Cultural Education Program's workshops stand out for their careful design and the valuable contribution of a specialized educator. This professional approach guarantees the effectiveness of the activities by promoting meaningful learning about environmental issues and sustainability. By training students and teachers through face-to-face workshops, the program not only raises awareness of the impacts on the environment, but also encourages reflection and the adaptation of habits in favor of a fairer and more sustainable society. The active participation of the specialized educator in the creation of the workshops ensures a complete educational experience, consolidating PEC's commitment to building a more conscious and ecologically responsible community.

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