About this project

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project is an initiative aimed at raising awareness and developing knowledge of sustainability and entrepreneurship among young people. Focusing on public schools, the program aims to instill an early understanding of the importance of adopting a new perspective on the job market. To achieve this, PIE brings together students, teachers and education departments, transforming learning about consumer habits, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability into an enriching collective experience. During the implementation of the project, face-to-face workshops and virtual workshops were held, providing broad knowledge about the evolution of the job market, creativity and the skills of the future. The topics covered also included guidance for teachers on how to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), design thinking, innovation and applied creativity into their teaching methods, with the aim of leaving a lasting legacy in schools. The initiative not only provided an interactive and educational experience for participants, but also aimed to empower young people to become multipliers of this knowledge, promoting conscious choices and strengthening partnerships between educational institutions and the sponsor in building a renewed vision for the job market.

O.D.S worked on in this Project