About this project

The Itapoá Social Work Program was an impactful initiative aimed at raising environmental awareness and fostering sustainable practices in the school community. Through various actions, the program provided a complete learning and awareness experience, contributing to a more conscious, sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Each school participating in the program had two main activities. One consisted of an engaging play focusing on the theme of conscious water consumption and the importance of proper sewage treatment. This theatrical presentation offered the students an educational and interactive experience, awakening their appreciation of water resources and encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices. In addition to the play, another action in the schools was a laboratory, presented in the form of a playful lecture and practical experience. In this activity, educators discussed the correct disposal of cooking oil, making students aware of its negative impact on nature and promoting conscious and sustainable practices. Finally, the Program also offered an exclusive online workshop for teachers, covering relevant topics related to sanitation, conscious water consumption, sustainability and other related themes. The aim was to empower educators with knowledge and practical strategies so that they could incorporate these topics into their teaching practices and transmit them effectively to their students.

O.D.S worked on in this Project