Every organization is more than its address, its infrastructure, its assets. Every organization is the union of people and talents that make it up. This team interacts with suppliers, clients, community, partners, environment, governments, among other agents, directly or indirectly interested in its actions.

The more this group of collaborators is valued, strengthened and integrated, the easier their activities will be, and the greater their achievements will be.

To measure how a company acts towards challenges such as gender equity, labor rights, education, respect, social indicators were born, qualified and/or quantified parameters that serve to detail to what extent the social objectives of a project have been achieved, within a delimited period of time and in a specific location.

The indicators can be used to measure or reveal aspects related to various planes of the company's social life: health, safety, labor relations, human rights, integrity, community relations, corporate philanthropy.

The good social practices reports produced by the NTICS team also address impacts generated by the socially responsible actions of companies:

  • Improved productivity and image;
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism;
  • Potential reduction for litigation and reputational risks;
  • Increased sales based on product safety;
  • New ideas and innovation;
  • Improved brand loyalty;
  • Protection of the license to operate.


The reports also clearly and efficiently mention quantitative data such as future labor demand given the expected growth rate, employee retention rate, health and safety measures, number of people whose annual income the company has improved, value of social investment in relation to turnover.


How dependent is the company's business model on human talent? How does the company work toward being the employer of choice in its industry? Are suppliers chosen with consideration for the standard of work? These are questions that the report answers and urges corporations to improve.

Encouraging Philanthropy!

If your organization takes on the role of a benevolent donor, which allocates resources for entities to carry out social work, this deserves to be praised. The donations are converted into increased reputation and improved brand image in society.


All this helps the company to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. So, also mention which SDGs your company achieves with ethical and responsible activities. How about embracing the cause? NTICS Projects has a qualified team to help your company achieve governance goals and reach the top.